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A head start in school could benefit your child. Our academic learning center in Memphis, TN offers what they need to succeed. TLC Learning Academy offers an early education program for children as young as two years old, with a curriculum focused on developing art, math, science, writing, computer literacy and social skills. Once your child starts going to school, enroll them in our school-age program to ensure that they stay on track.

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Our Programs



Infant daycare is available at 6 weeks through 12 months.



We care for children between 19 and 32 months old.

Pre-K1 & Pre-K2

Pre-K1 & Pre-K2

Our preschool learning program is designed for kids ages 2-5.

School-Age Program

School-Age Program

Our after-school program is designed for kids ages 5-12.

About TLC Learning Academy

With eight educators and a three-star program designed with your little one in mind, TLC Learning Academy is the perfect place for your child to…

  • Get accustomed to interacting with teachers and other children daily
  • Make decisions independently within a safe, structured environment
  • Explore creative and analytical topics in a fully equipped classroom

Created by Mrs. Shellia Jackson, who has over 20 years of child care experience, TLC Learning Academy is a licensed child care agency in Memphis, TN that emphasizes literacy and school readiness. Our director and assistant director pay close attention to everything that goes on within our child academic learning center.

Opening doors to brighter futures since 2015

The earlier your child learns to read, write and interact with their peers, the easier it will be for them to succeed in school. TLC Learning Academy can help your child thrive by introducing them to new experiences gradually. Enroll your infant or toddler in an age-appropriate child care program today.

Healthy Food Is Vital for Developing Minds

Our lead cook prepares nutritious meals daily