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The purpose of discipline in our environment is to help children learn acceptable behavior and develop their inner controls. When redirecting or guiding a child’s behavior, age, intellectual development, emotional make-up, and past experiences will be considered and consistency will be maintained in setting rules and limits for the child. Spanking is not apart of our disciplinary policy. No child shall be subject to verbal or physical abuse, threats, cruel, severe, or unusual punishment. Derogatory remarks shall not be made in the presence of the children about the family members of children in care or about the children themselves. No child or group of children shall be allowed to discipline another child. No child shall be deprived of any meals or any part of meals for disciplinary reasons. Please Note: That I have the rights to refuse the parent(s) method if I think it is abusive to the child. Any child who cannot be corrected and is harmful to other children will be DISMISSED WITHOUT REFUND.

The following is a list of some alternate forms of positive discipline that will be used at TLC Learning Academy I & II.

  • Tell the child what they can do.
  • Establish eye contact when speaking with the child.
  • Give choices whenever possible, but only when the child has a choice.
  • Encourage children to solve their problems, and work out conflicts, whenever possible.
  • Redirect the child to another activity.
  • Hold a child until they gain control of themselves.
  • Remove a child from the situation.
  • Isolate the child for no longer than five minutes in a separate area where he or she can have time to gain control. The child that is isolated should never be out of sight of a staff member.


All applicants are given the same consideration when there are vacancies. If a waiting list is maintained, applicants are contacted from the list. A deposit is required to secure a spot and to receive a registration packet. This packet must be completed before enrollment.


TLC Learning Academy operational hours are 6:00 am- 6:00 pm Monday -Friday. Child care periods are 9 hours a day.

If picking your child/children up late please notify me at least 1 hour before your regular scheduled pick-up time. There will be a $5.00 a minute late charge (per child) for every minute until your child/children are picked up. This amount must be paid at the time you pick your child/children up or before he/she can return.

If Dropped off
6:00 am
6:30 am
7:00 am
7:30 am
8:00 am
8:30 am
Should Be Picked Up By
3:35 pm
4:05 pm
4:35 pm
5:05 pm
:35 pm
5:30 pm

If your schedule is outside the times specified, it may be more economical for you to pay an additional $50.00 a week for extended time versus paying $5.00 a minute late fee. To take advantage of extended time please adds $50.00 to the regular weekly rate and you will be covered from 6:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Please Note:
TLC Learning Academy is on and ESTABLISHED ROUTINE CURRICULUM SCHEDULE. WE HIGHLYSTRESS THAT CHILDREN DO NOT MISS ASSIGNMENTS. We request that children are at school by 8:15 am to be served breakfast & 9:00 am for classes


Tuition & Late Fees:
Tuition is $ BASED ON AGES PER weekly per child for a full-time slot. (ask for availability). Tuition is $40.00 a day (min 2 days) weekly for a part-time slot (ask for availability & number of days). We offer a 10% discount for siblings. Payments are due in advance payments. Any fees paid after 9 am on Friday requires a $25.00 late charge. If fees are not paid on Friday you must add $25.00 a day for Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon. until paid. Your child may or may not be able to return if fees are not paid on Monday. All fees/late fees must be paid before your child/children can return. Because of the high number of returned checks. If your check is returned your payment status will be CASH or CASHIERS CHECK ONLY. Absolutely NO MONEY ORDERS unless it is a postal money order. Please Note: Once monies are exchanged for services to be rendered. If you should change your mind, NO REFUNDS


A supply list will be provided to you at the time of enrollment for the entire school year.


(4 & 5 year old) Graduation fees are put into an escrow and used for graduation. The cap & gown will be purchase at the beginning of the school year so that graduation pictures may be printed in the school yearbook. Graduation Fee is $150.00

Graduation Package Will Consist Of:

  1. 1 Cap & Gown (RENTAL)
  2. 10 Invitations
  4. School Year PICTURES
  5. Diploma / Trophy
  6. Grads Class T-SHIRTS

$75.00 of that fee is due immediately according to date of enrollment and the balance is due 4 months before the graduation date.


Absences: If you miss a day or two during the week you are expected to pay Full week of tuition.

Celebrations: (Birthdays) We want to help celebrate any type of celebration. We welcome any treat you would like to provide. We ask that you please send enough treats for the other children in the facility. It is best if treats are brought on the morning of the celebration.

Vacations: If you are on vacation you will have to pay ½ weeks pay to hold your child/children slot. However, if you take a vacation during the week of a holiday you are required to pay a full week. Regardless to how many weeks of vacation you have, you will only be allowed 2 weeks of the discounted vacation rate per calendar year. However, you must give me two (2) weeks notice of your planned vacation to be granted the discounted rate. Sick time may not be used as a vacation.

Please Note: School will be closed periodically throughout the year for staff in-service training and workshops.

Holidays: We are closed (14) holidays. Please See List Below:

If any of these days fall on a Saturday/Sunday I will acknowledge the Friday before or the day after as a school holiday.

*Labor Day * Dr. Martin Luther King Day

*Columbus Day *Presidents Day

*Thanksgiving & Day After *Good Friday

*Christmas Eve & Day *Memorial Day

*New Yrs Eve & Day *Independence Day (4th July)

School Vacations (2 Paid Days)

In-Service Professional Training - 6 days

Half Days - 4

Sick Days: Children that are ill must not be brought to the center. Parents will be contacted immediately if illness occurs or in case of an accident. If your child is out for surgery, your child cannot return for 3 days.


Parents are always welcome to visit, observe, and participate, If you wish to eat a meal/snack with your child, please tell the Director so we can set a place for you. We hope to develop a positive and open relationship with each of you as we share in these very important years of your child's life.


School uniforms are strictly enforced; colors are navy blue,(tops)& khaki(bottoms) (Ask about details) AUGUST- MAY

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